Installation Services

Jabulani Sports Arena offers you international standard installation services with courts that are perfect for football and cricket as well. You might have observed at football clubs that are professional that all weather pitches are present. Also at Jabulani Sports Arena, you will be able to find similar pitches, so even in case of heavy rains or heat, the players will be able to play the match all kinds of conditions.


With an aesthetic appeal, come and explore the amazing sports services that are a calming sight to sore eyes.
At Jabulani Sports Arena you will be enjoying the pleasure that comes with the game and the comfort that the tracks provide.


When it comes to the design of the Jabulani Sports Arena each of the installations are provided with ample support with all-inclusive CAD design. This shows the layout well, then there are color, measurements and the line marking that is done by a highly skilled team and is made for excellence.

Fencing & Lighting

For the construction process with Jabulani Sports Arena the company will be able to help you in setting up the field for the best lighting, the is perimeter fencing of high quality can be installed and also a range of different supplies are used that includes permanently fixed as well as the mobile accessories that include the good quality nets and the goals.


The well trained and experienced team behind Jabulani Sports Arena has expert installers that are well trained and have years of experience. These installers understand their work really well and make use of equipment that is specialized for offering a product that has world class finishing for the best game experience.


Finally, we come to maintenance. For the preservation of the quality of the playground and surface playability, Jabulani Sports Arena makes no compromises. The professional staff is able to offer maintenance services of the highest quality that ensures you an experience that is enduring and there will be no time of visit where you will be able to find anything apart from perfection.


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