Should you choose the gym or football?

Answer is whatever you enjoy more. However, a lot of people abandon their gymnasium goals soon after they actually start going to the gym. Switching to football might be a better and fun option, if you seem to enjoy the sport! According to a series of studies, the intensity and range of movements involved in the game provide better overall exercise. All players are ensured a vigorous workout in a five-a-side game than a full-scale game. “The sustained stop-start nature of the game helps to build long-term fitness and burn fat,” says Professor Peter Krustup from Copenhagen University, who reviewed the research and was part of the team that conducted some of the studies.

In conclusion, you can take part in walking football, five-a-side games or a full match, depending on your ability, capacity, level of fitness, and most importantly, depending on how much you actually enjoy
whatever you are pursuing.

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