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  • 16 Oct 2020

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If you love games and you are enthusiastic then Jabulani Sports Arena is the best place to stop a place where you can release all your stress while doing your favorite work. Which keeps you physically and mentally healthy. A place where age or gender is not a boundary .You can be five, twenty five or sixty five once Cacelia Ahern said ‘age is just a number’ Jabulani Sports Arena also believes in that and gives you warm welcome with all safety , security and as we all know whole world is going through a pandemic situation in which cleanliness , sanitation and hygiene is most important we have taken special care of that.

This place isn’t only for game lovers but also for passionate learner who wants to be a footballer , a sports man or woman in future with best coaches in a great sporty environment it’s a best place for beginners .Not only that you can take part in tournaments to check your potential or you can organize a match on a ground with your family , friends and colleagues.

 A perfect space with One 7-a-side court and Two 5-a- side court good quality football turf which are well maintained we have proper lighting for evening matches in low light condition floodlight which are high-intensity artificial lights and balcony seating for people who loves seeing matches with refreshment drink which we provide. Jabulani Sports is a place which gives you international quality ground with an amazing infrastructure which gives you real feel and spirit of football. Keeping in mind that time is precious we have ample space for parking so that without any time wastage easily you are able find venue or space for parking at the turf with high level security and guards everything is under surveillance of CCTV cameras.

The venue has all the facilities including clean and tidy washroom if you like to start your day with a game which will awake your mind and body both for them we have shower facility so that they can play for some time and then go ahead for work. The staffs are professional and courteous with all the work knowledge and for safety purpose we take all the necessary details about our staffs which is needed. So this is the chance to get up from your bed come out from your comfort zone and do what you like the most which makes you happy come and play like a professional player at our turf we provide football training to the beginner who are passionate about sports or football under the supervision of skilled and experienced coaches at a lowest price you will get all the facilities which you have never experienced . At a very good location easily accessible close to the main road if you true sports person and don’t want to miss a day without it then Jabulani Sports Arena. Located in Chembumuku, Civil Road, Kochi is the right place for you.

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